5 Star Hotel Villa Franceschi

Today, as in bygone times, the Riviera of Brenta–that strip of land in the province of Venice that follows the soft banks of the river - is a place of magical charm.


Positioned on the two main floors of the villa’s main building nestled between the romantic atmosphere of the barn and the the old boathouse, the suites and rooms at Villa Franceschipresent an extremely charming atmosphere.
Offering marble fireplaces, ceilings with exposed wooden beams and terracotta floors, the rooms evoke a typically Venetian feel. This Venetian workmanship is embellished by rich curtains and silk fabrics produced by the best craftsmen of Venice.

The rooms and suites of the Villa Franceschi are accessed through the grand halls of the residence overlooking the romantic park and the placid waters of the Venice Riviera.

Now converted into a guesthouse, the boathouse is the ancient rustic annex where not only boats were kept, but also the tools and carriages of the villa. Keen to maintain this rustic old building as part of the hotel property, the owners have researched the original history & materials of the boathouse, and have restored the building with choice brick and wood that blend in perfectly with the fabrics, furnishings, fixtures, and features to present an authentic and charming environment.

Thanks to the care and passion of the Dal Corso family, a trip to Villa Franceschi is one saturated with an experience of tradition and love for our area, where you can spend a romantic and unforgettable stay, away from the daily routine and fast low-cost accommodation which is always the same. At Hotel Villa Franceschi it is also a journey in the footsteps of the great personalities of the past, such as Gabriele d'Annunzio and Ernest Hemingway, who took refuge here for their amorous encounters.


Restaurant Margherita
We recommend the raw spider crab with white asparagus from Giare, the shrimp with the ‘castraure’ (red artichoke) straight from the island of Sant’Erasmo, a blending of local produce of land and sea, followed by Tagliatelle with giant mussels and basil – simple flavours in balance and harmony. Immersed in a classic and elegant environment the guest is left to their own enjoyment.

Learn to produce a triumph of colours with the ‘Adriatic Catalana’ and the fried Moeche with polenta – a true dish of the lagoon region to be tried at least once. Villa Franceschi organises wine tastings and cooking lessons. Contact us for more information at info@villafranceschi.com.

Crafted by the Chefs Gianluca Vulcano and Umberto Giraldo, the refined cuisine follows the authentic gastronomic tradition of Veneto and contains only the finest and freshest ingredients skilfully combined to produce fantastic dishes.