In around 1558-1560 the first Provinciale of Lombardy, Jesuit priest Benedetto Palmio, held a series of sermons in Venice with which he urged his listeners to devote themselves to “founding a home for Cittelle (Unmarried Women) to free them from the danger of eternal damnation, the certain fate of virgins who, being beautiful and graceful, unhappily lost themselves due to the malevolence of those who should be solicitous about their health and bring them up in the holy fear of God.” Benedetto Palmio, Cittelle Constitution, 1738).

There was a follow-up to his words, and so much so that in 1599 the Venetian Istituto delle Zitelle (Home for Unmarried Women) was founded. It was administered by two congregations, one of men and one of women. There were about 200 unmarried women in the institution in 1583. Selection for admission was often very difficult. The examiners had to make an evaluation and then express their decision with a vote. Counting first of all was age (…they can not and must not be accepted… if they are not virgins between twelve and eighteen years of age…), followed by their state of health, physical appearance and demeanor (…they are to be healthy… pretty… showy and graceful…).


The Suite with Lagoon View are located in the main building of Palladio Hotel & Spa which is a former convent from the sixteenth century. They are characterized by large spaces: have a separate living and sleeping areas and overlook the basin of San Marco.

The Suite of Palladio Hotel & Spa are located in the main building of the Hotel and are characterized by large spaces. These Suite have a separate living and sleeping areas and overlook the garden with old trees and an explosion of flowers and herbs.

The Junior Suite Lagoon View are located in the main building of Palladio Hotel & Spa and are characterized by a loft where you find, depending on the room, the bedroom or the living room. From the windows you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole of San Marco

The Double Room of Palladio Hotel & Spa are spacious and welcoming, and decorated with pastel colors and typically Venetian tapestries. These rooms overlook the courtyard and the beautiful landscaped garden with old trees and a real explosion of flowers and perfumes.

The Conventino Deluxe Room are located in a separate wing from Palladio Hotel & Spa main building and are literally immersed in the relaxing atmosphere and privacy of the garden of the Hotel. They can be on the ground floor with a small private garden or first floor.

The Double Room Lagoon View are in the main building of Palladio Hotel & Spa and are characterized by the view that dominates the entire basin of San Marco. The large windows offer amazing views of the lagoon from sunrise to sunset.

The Junior Suite of Palladio Hotel & Spa are very spacious and cozy and resume the decoration present in the double rooms furnished with pastel colors, with delicate frescoes and typically Venetian tapestries.


Palladio Hotel & Spa is the ideal destination to Venice to organize exclusive events. It has a very charming meeting room, the Sala Convento, with natural light, located on the first floor that can accommodate up to 120 people. The Sala Convento was the room where originally worked the guests

Palladio Hotel & Spa with The BAUERs have been setting the standard for Venetian hospitality throughout the decades. Our properties and staff have been consistently chosen to be the host space and catering component for many important events including celebrity weddings and parties, important political assemblies, royalty reunions, as well

In an elegant, soft, and cosy atmosphere, the Palladio Spa offers a privileged area dedicated to beauty and wellbeing. We invite you to browse through our treatment and massage collection, created for clientele seeking efficiency and absolute high quality service. Immerse yourself into the tranquil world of the Palladio Spa,

Giudecca’s Four Gardens
Four gardens have been re-arranged and partially restored behind the XVI century Zitelle complex on the island of Giudecca, where there were vineyards and orchards until the beginning of the twentieth century, laid out in obedience to the canons for the area.

Restaurant L’Ulivo
New Chefs at the Bauers! Tell me more… Many years of training and hard work are an integral part of the journey undertaken by each and every chef. To graduate from well-trained to truly a master of cuisine it takes an innate artistry, a character full of passion and the