Panoramic Train with Gourmet Tour

AVAILABLE FROM Taormina , Catania ,
INTEREST Family Friendly ,

Head to theCircumetnea train station. Traveling by train in some cases, or by bus in others, cross typical villages around Mount Etna Volcano. Arriving at Bronte, you will visit one of the pastry shops that specialize in bakingpistachio cakes. The area around Bronte is known for being one of the biggest producers of pistachios in the world. Enjoy a pistachio cake before traveling back to Catania. Sicily is the only Italian region which produces the “true pistachio” and Bronte, with over three thousand acres of specialized cultivation accounts for the country’s main pistachio growing area. Here more than 80 percent of the regional area is focused on cultivating pistachios with particular characteristics. Bronte’s Eden pistachio features a fruit flavor and aroma universally recognized as unique and special. It is referred to as "green gold," and thus it is called the "green pistachios of Bronte” and serves as the main economic resource of this vast territory in Etna.