Fabrics and Perfumes of Veneto

INTEREST Romance ,

This profound experience welcomes you to Palazzo Mocenigo, a textile and costume museum located in the former home of the noble Mocenigo dynasty, historically one of the most prominent families of the Venetian Republic. Come journey through the diverse natural dying techniques of fabrics as experts share their insight on this old world enterprise. Palazzo Mocenigo today showcases vast collections of fabrics, garments, furniture, and accessories, including items from the 18th century that offer guests a firsthand look into how the Venetians lived during this period. Venture along through 20 rooms on the “piano nobile” or noble floorset just like a historic aristocratic Venetian residence. The selection of Venetian costumes are displayed together with antique textiles, a collection of precious Renaissance glass, and a display of instruments used in the past to distill perfumes. The tour ends with an extraordinary new display dedicated to the history of perfumes and essences.