Agrigento Archeology Tour with Picnic

AVAILABLE FROM Taormina , Palermo ,
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Embark on the experience of a lifetime to explore Agrigento or Ancient Akragas. This enchanting place covers an immense area — much of which is still unexcavated today. We will first visit the Valley of the Temples that exemplifies the ancient civilization that was once alive and bustling on this land. Afterwards, we will enjoy a special picnic in the Kolymbetra gardens. Come delve into the vast sacred area of Agrigento on the south side of the ancient city where seven monumental Greek temples in the Doric style were constructed during the 6th and 5th centuries BC. Now excavated and partially restored, they constitute some of the largest and best-preserved ancient Greek buildings outside of Greece itself and have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best-preserved of the temples are two very similar buildings traditionally attributed to the goddesses Juno Lacinia and Concordia (though archaeologists believe this attribution to be incorrect). The latter temple is remarkably intact as it was converted into a Christian church in 597 AD. Both were constructed in a peripteralhexastyle design. The area around the Temple of Concordia was later re-used by early Christians as a catacomb, featuring tombs carved out of the rocky cliffs and outcrops. It’s an awe-inspiring opportunity that beckons the explorer in you.