Mesmerizing, intriguing, mystifying, and full of life…Peru beckons with an unparalleled diversity that continues garnering acclaim and popularity as an ever-growing-in-demand travel destination. Born from an extraordinary civilization forged by the Incas whose traditions and customs live on in its many villages and towns… and receiving more modern-day adulation for its cosmopolitan cities brimming with splendid restaurants, bars and lively nightlife – Peru offers unending treasures to enjoy.

This is a place where you will marvel at enchanting archeological complexes – from the remarkable Seventh Wonder of the World, Macchu Picchu…to Cusco’s Sacred Valley featuring some of the largest complexes of agricultural terraces of the Incan Empire. Along your tailor-made Journey in Peru, you can delve into The Temple of the Sun and the fortress of Sacsayhuaman with its stone labyrinth and sacrificial altar or head along to Puca Pucara, an architectural wonder of rooms, waterways and aqueducts. For even more unforgettable moments, fly over the Nazca Lines -- geoglyphs and shapes carved almost 2,000 years ago in the desert terrain that are the theme of many controversial theories.

For Peru, its richness is abundant with an emphasis on its cultural roots and its harmony with the stunning landscape. In terms of nature, Peru is home to hundreds of endemic species of flora and fauna and eleven ecological regions...from the Amazonian Rainforest, to its highlands that are dominated by the Andes Mountains, to its coastal areas known for its beaches, deserts, and fertile valleys.

Yet the current day “wonders” that continue garnering the country praise in international circles, are focused on its gastronomy. Peru has been awarded as The World’s Leading Culinary Travel Destination by the World Travel Awards for many years in a row and boasts three of the world’s best restaurants. Here, it is said that culinary experiences feed your body and soul!

We invite you to experience a feast of delights in everything you do, as you explore Peru at every turn on your tailor-made Peru travels with Journeys by Central Holidays.