Journeys by Central Holidays offers the ultimate in bespoke travel, presenting tailor-made travel experiences that completely redefine luxury. The company specializes in creating “designer style” distinctive and experientially rich travel programs where every detail is meticulously planned to make dreams a reality for even the most discerning of travelers. Journey’s expertly hand-crafted itineraries give an extraordinary new meaning to pre-planned travel to some of the most amazing, captivating and inviting destinations in the world. 

The distinctive niche of the Journeys brand is its dedication to creating the ultimate tailor-made travel program for an individual, family, or group...from the finest in dining and wines, to private cooking classes with renowned local chefs...from ultra-extravagant 5-star hotels with butler service to rustic stays in historic homes, villas, and castles…to personalized curator-led museum tours, and sightseeing by professional chauffeured limousine and private guide. 

Delve into each destination with rich and unique experiences… savor exceptional meals in renowned local restaurants…explore history and culture on private or VIP access tours…relax and rejuvenate in choice accommodations… enjoy the best in white glove service with private drivers, personal concierges, and butlers available to cater to every whim…and that is just a taste! Our experientially rich, hand-crafted itineraries to amazing destinations across the globe give an extraordinary new meaning to luxury. 

Enjoy cooking a culinary masterpiece with a renowned chef in Tuscany; sail along the Mediterranean's turquoise waters onboard an elegant Gulet; have a private chef create favorite dishes while relaxing in a castle in France; sip on acclaimed vintages on a private wine tasting at a centuries old vineyard in Piedmont; stomp along to fervent flamenco in a private dance class in Seville; board an exclusive luxury train to the Incan city of Machu Picchu -- with so many one-of-a-kind experiences, the options are endless.It’s these unparalleled moments that elevate the entire experience and take luxury travels to exuberant new heights. 

At your service to make your clients’ travel dreams come true with the ultimate in customized travel, it is the very background in hospitality and experience in the destinations we serve that enables us to provide unique insider’s access to each place along your clients’ journey for a world of magical one-of-a-kind moments that will never be forgotten. 

Featuring lucrative commissions for travel agents and in-country assistance for travelers every step of the way; exuberant, exotic, and historic lodging options; private chauffeurs and premier white-glove service; expert local guides; VIP-access sightseeing; sumptuous culinary experiences and much more, Journeys delivers the best in customized travel. Travelers will always travel in style and receive the highest level of personalized service on a custom-created travel experience with Journeys by Central Holidays.