Cultural and art-focused tailor made travel experiences designed by Journeys by Central Holidays are perfect for travelers seeking knowledge and an insider’s perspective of a foreign culture beyond the scope of the traditional sightseeing tour. Highly-respected art historians, archaeologists, musicians, and scientists will unveil each destination's charming cities and waterways, sharing insights and sharing with you the local flavor, history, art, cuisine, music and rarely-seen sides of all destinations along the way. Have amazing experiences on your tailor made travel journey exploring art in Italy…From Florence, home of the Renaissance and a living museum itself, including the Uffizi Museum with its impressive statue of David sculpted by Michelangelo – to the villas and castles that have dotted the countryside over hundreds of years including Italy’s Paladian Villas in Vicenza, and Villa d’Este in Tivoli – to the rich collection of artistic masterpieces in the Vatican…These treasures and so much more beckon the art aficionado in you.